SAWA and the Shingirirai Trust – Local Heroes, Global Voice

SAWA Global  gives a “global voice” to local heroes in the world’s 50 poorest countries, showcasing, via video, how they are transforming their communities with innovative solutions.

The Shingirirai Trust was created under a tree in 2003, as a group of women urgently sought ways to support the orphans in their community. The group was led by Cecilia Masekereya who is widowed with eight children and is HIV-positive herself. The uniqueness of Shingirirai lies in its name, which means perseverance and Cecilia and her colleagues live this word every day.

The Shingirirai Trust is run by ordinary people doing extraordinary things in the face of the HIV/AIDS pandemic, the economic implosion in Zimbabwe and very harsh living conditions.

The vision of the Trust is to develop a model community based organization totally run and operated by people at grassroots that can be replicable in other communities – in Zimbabwe, in Africa, and eventually, anywhere in the developing world.

The Trust offers three programs:

(1) Pre-school education for orphans and vulnerable children aged three to six years.

(2) Life and business skills education for teenagers, and caregiving skills to women caring for orphans.

(3) Management and leadership skills for senior staff.


Right now, the Shingirirai Trust is working to bring practical help and hope to more than one thousand lives in the areas where the Trust currently operates: (the densely-populated suburbs around the capital, Harare):

250 orphans receive essential pre-school education & healthcare
100 teenagers are being given vocational training
700 women are learning caregiving skills


From individual donations to innovative fundraising activities, there are lots of great ways to support the work of the Shingirirai Trust. For example, you could:

Provide advice on managerial training for local volunteers
Provide advice on staff management and development training
Provide advice on the development of a retail outlet
Research and share information on organisations that can donate funds
Find organisations that can donate used computers/sewing machines

However you choose to help, you’ll be supporting the workers of the Shingirirai Trust to change one life…then thousands more.

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