Create The Best Weather Station In Your Own Backyard

Have you ever thought of becoming your own weather forecaster? All the science that the big weather stations put into predicting where and when weather events are going to occur and even they don’t get it right. They do have gorgeous graphs though.

Maybe you could do just as good a job by being your own weather station?


The first thing that you will need is measuring devices, because you need to collect base data. You will need to measure and track temperature, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure and wind speed. You also need a wind vane which tells you where the wind is coming from, and a rain gauge to measure how much liquid precipitation has occurred.

The best weather station has all of those and often in a single unit. As well as the wind vane and rain gauge they include thermometers, hygrometers, barometers and anemometers, (those are the correct names for the list above, in order).

Automatic or manual

An automatic weather station will do all the data collection for you. If you want to be hands-on, you can always collect and track the data yourself. It depends on how complete a picture you want to collect. Automatic stations will collect data even while you’re not there.

Analysis Software

There are lots of software applications available. Some are even free of charge, (but might insist on feeding you ads) while others have a price associated with their level of sophistication. Even the BBC produces a free weather app, so there are plenty to choose from.

Many of the apps with a price attached will allow you a free, evaluation period. You can test the software, make sure it interfaces nicely with your weather station and the data is collected and stored properly.

30-day evaluation periods mean you can get a good feeling for how the product will work over time, and also how it will show comparative information.

Data Transfer back to an analysis program

best weather station

In this advanced age of data communication, some weather stations are wi-fi enabled. These stations will automatically and on-demand transfer the data from the station back to your chosen software interface. If you’re going to this level of sophistication, make sure you choose a software application first and then make sure you buy a weather station which the software confirms it will work with.